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New Technology and Product Development

Electronic product development

We are an innovation focused and result-driven product development company who specialises in taking a client's idea from concept to production.
Electronic product development

Consumer product design

With over 10 years experience on integrating style and ergonomics with the latest technology, we always make sure aesthetics complements functionality.
Consumer product design

Industrial design

When designing a new product we focus on integrating technology with practical innovative solutions to decrease manufacturing costs and increase reliability.
Industrial design

Product engineering

Our product engineering design team specialises in developing state of the art electronics to improve usability, and ensure the final product is as future-proof as possible.
Product engineering
Electronic development
  • - digital & analog
  • - wireless & RFID
  • - sensors & optical
  • - internet & network
Electronics development, wireless & RFID, sensors & optical, digital & analog
Styling & ergonomics, product styling
  • - product styling
  • - ergonomics
  • - 3D modelling
  • - stress analysis
Styling & ergonomics, stress analysis, 3d modeling
Software development
  • - user interface
  • - embedded software
  • - PC software
  • - internet connectivity
software development, UI, embedded software


Here at Innovation Stream we specialise in creative product development that spans a diverse array of industries. Ranging from medical to home-automation, from consumer to industrial and from automotive to marine we develop products for clients across the globe.

We take our clients' ideas from initial concept right through to final production, and our passion and design expertise facilitates a working ingenuity that's allowed us to maintain our position as one of the most original product design consultancies in the UK.

Original and forward-thinking

At Innovation Stream we're committed to practical and innovative design solutions. Whether you're in the automotive, consumer or industrial markets, we look to increase product reliability and performance while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum.

Able to conceptualise and evaluate your ideas, our team of creative product designers have gained experience working in a number of different design backgrounds, and by encompassing elements of design, research, development and engineering, at Innovation Stream we offer the next level in comprehensive product design.

Breaking new ground in design

Each of our departments work closely with one another to achieve attractive, aesthetically pleasing designs that combine art and technology, and blend style with functionality.

A product development company with a flexible and client-focussed approach, here at Innovation Stream we offer custom product development services designed to meet any project requirement - including joint development projects.

We keep ahead of the very latest industry technologies and our software development services have been employed by clients from diverse backgrounds, including clients in the consumer, industrial, automotive and medical fields.

Realise your product concept

We work closely with our clients each and every step of the way, from initial concept to final production. Getting to know our clients allows us to tailor our services to maximise on marketability, and create brand identify and brand awareness in each product development project we undertake.

Find out more about our services in product development. We're on hand to get your project off the ground, transforming ideas into tangible, market-ready products - contact us today.

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