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Industrial Design Consultancy
Industrial Designers

Realising your vision - From concept through to manufacture.

Whether a new product exists only as a pipe-dream, a working prototype ready for manufacture, or anywhere in-between; our experienced team of industrial designers can help your idea to flow around obstacles to realisation - to the end of the product development process.

Working through key stages including concept generation, research, design specification, CAD and prototyping; whatever your vision, our industrial design consultants can help develop your idea into a tangible product, ready for commercial distribution.


Balancing science and art: Industrial design consultancy.

Once a solution is identified, implementing it for development presents yet more challenges for a new product. Our industrial designers draw on a wealth of industry experience from across a wide range of disciplines to work through these issues and deliver solutions that balance functionality with aesthetic appeal, without compromising on either.

The seamless blend of science and art is always the goal of our industrial design consultants as, after all, the only thing worse than an ugly product that works is one that looks great but doesn’t!


Industrial Design Consultants

Feasible product design from experienced industrial designers.

Finding harmony between functionality and aesthetics can create amazing products. Unfortunately amazing products are all too often ill-conceived without appropriate considerations of costs, markets or margins.

We are an industrial design consultancy with a difference in that we understand and work around these factors; factors that our industrial designers know matter to your business. Unrivalled industry connections mean that Innovation Stream industrial designers can assist with material sourcing, tooling and machining to your requirements – meaning your product is delivered ready to launch.

This solid understanding of the issues that matter to individual businesses is just another key factor setting us apart from other industrial design consultants.


Industrial Design Consultancy
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