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Innovation Stream job opportunities - Become part of the team

At Innovation Stream we are always looking for experienced, bright minds to join our team. If you are motivated, dedicated and have a practical & results-driven approach to your work please read the job descriptions below and send all application enquiries to

IMPORTANT: Please title your email "Online Job Opportunity: 'job title'" where 'job title' is specified in the job description page.


Job Title: Mechanical Design Engineer
Department: R & D / New Product Development
Job Category: Engineering
Job Code/ Req#: EMSOF-01
Type: Full time / Permanent
Location: Innovation Centre - University of Sussex Campus
Company Background

Innovation Stream Ltd is a growing company specialising in New Technology & Innovative Product Development. We focus on developing high-tech products in the consumer, medical and industrial markets. Projects range from home automation systems and scanners to electrical vehicle control systems and cameras.


IMPORTANT: Innovation is at the core of all of our projects so demonstrated lateral thinking abilities coupled with proven technical engineering/design skills are essential for this position.


You are responsible for designing and developing new innovative solutions for various high-tech consumer and industrial products ranging from cameras control systems to 3D scanners and from electrical vehicles control systems to small robotic arms. Your creativity and solid engineering background (FEA, math, simulation, statics, dynamics) allow you to continuously think “out of the box” and create new innovative solutions which are viable to implement. You are involved in the whole development cycle from initial requirement specification through to design, implementation, test, customer acceptance and post-delivery support.

Essential skills and qualifications:
  • Engineering Degree (1st or 2:1) in Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering or Mechanical Design Engineering.
  • Very strong understanding of linkages, gears, dynamics, statics, FEA.
  • Strong knowledge of Solidworks and Matlab/Simulink.
  • Strong knowledge of manufacturing processes (injection molding etc).
  • Truly enjoy technical and engineering activities.
  • Strong Organizational skills and the ability to meet strict deadlines.
  • Able to work as part of a team.
  • Able to think creatively and problem solve.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience in “Design for manufacture” and “Design for assembly”.
  • Strong knowledge of Solidworks, FEA tools and Matlab/Simulink
  • Strong knowledge of materials and their properties & applications.
  • Experience in electro mechanical systems.
  • Proven track record in Specification drafting, Design and Development of new and existing products.
  • Liaison with other designers and with manufacturers,
  • Documentation for internal and regulatory requirements, specification.
  • At least one concept-to-production product development cycle.
  • Strong creative thinking
  • Strongly self-motivated and able to organize themselves to prioritize competing targets.
  • A team player with excellent written and oral presentation skills.
  • Concept work and design studies.
  • Designing requirement specifications and developing design and test cases & systems to those specifications.
  • Creating detailed and accurate bill of materials, assembly documentation and drawing releases.
  • Draft specifications, design and develop complete products from concept to prototype.
  • Design and implementation of test equipment for the product you designed.
  • Keep up to date with research and industry best practices.
  • Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.
  • Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

A note about using agencies:

Innovation Stream Ltd operates an online recruitment system and preferred supplier list (PSL) for all permanent and temporary recruitment. To be on the preferred supplier list the supplier must have received a signed letter confirming such status. By using the email addresses and/or fax numbers to submit candidate details without prior consultation, the sender accepts that Innovation Stream Ltd shall have the absolute right to pursue and engage those candidates without obligation to third party terms and conditions, even if those terms and conditions form a part of the details submitted. This includes, but is not limited to, agency fees, charges or costs.

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