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Product Design Consultancy
Product Design Company

A product design company with a different perspective.

As our company name suggests, Innovation Stream is an organisation that values original and unique ideas. We pride ourselves on not just being a product design company that can design to specification, but on fostering an environment in which feasible and creative ideas are explored and integrated into everything that we do.

Our product design consultancy reflects these values delivering innovative solutions on time and in budget.


Product design consultants.

The design and development of any new product can present a wide range of unique challenges. All too often the main obstacle to progress is accurately identifying these problems, which is where our team of product design consultants can begin adding value to your project.

With industry expertise covering all aspects of product design from aesthetics to mechanics through to software development and electronics, our product design consultancy can help you realise and understand the unique challenges facing your particular product prior to full-scale product development.


Product Design Consultancy

Once defined, how can we help solve your specific problem?

At Innovation Stream we understand that a specialised problem requires a specialised solution. This is where our product design consultancy can benefit your business. Our ability to identify your product’s challenges and pair them with the appropriate, innovative, solutions is what makes Innovation Stream a leading product design company.

The expertise that goes into identifying the challenges facing your product is applied at every step of the design process, meaning that the problem is addressed from all possible angles. This method ensures that our product design consultants don’t just find a solution; we find the best solution based on your requirements.

Whether it be an aesthetic, mechanical, software or electronic issue; we are a product design company that can find the appropriate solution for your business.


Product Design Consultants
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