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Design - Because innovation is not just skin deep

Innovative product design.

Our highly-skilled and creative designers work hard to achieve truly innovative product design and product styling and span a diverse range of industries.
Innovative product design is essential in establishing brand identity, brand awareness and perception of value, and our client-focussed approach allows us to tailor our design services to maximise product marketability.
A forward thinking product design consultancy in the UK, our design team benefits from having worked in a variety of design backgrounds. Undertaking in-depth research to find engaging, stylish and functional designs from the outset, we work closely with our clients through each stage of the design process.

New product design services.

We offer our clients a single interface; a one-stop-shop solution to their product design needs, and our new product design services encompass elements of product design, product development and product engineering.
Embracing a wide range of design elements has seen us develop a comprehensive design service, and has allowed us to offer customisable product design packages able meet any client requirement.
Electronic Product Development

Electronic product design company.

Utilising the very latest in technology, Innovation Stream is an electronic product design company with experience creating cost-effective and commercially successful electronic products for a number of clients working in diverse industries.
Our technologies include the latest wireless, sensor and connectivity devices and advanced circuit boards for increased performance and functionality.

Consumer and industrial design.

Whether a consumer product design or an industrial product design, at Innovation Stream we pay close attention to aesthetics, usability, functionality and ergonomics.
Through the entire cycle, from initial design concept and branding to production and economic constraints, we look to break new ground with each project we take on, creating original product designs that seamlessly blend art with science.
Electronic Product and Design Development
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