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Design engineering services

Making products come to life

Product design services.

In a product design context, styling and mechanical design fuse together to make a product aesthetically appealing and functionally reliable.

CAD design services.

Our designers utilise the latest techniques in CAD surface modelling, ergonomics and photorealistic rendering as part of the overall product development cycle.

Rapid prototyping services.

Although simulation provides a good degree of confidence, we usually build mechanical prototypes to run real tests and ensure that the product performs well.

Mechanical engineering services.

Our engineers complement the designers work with their knowledge of mechanics to ensure the design is strong and reliable.
    • - 2D CAD
    • - 3D CAD
    • - Rendering
        • - 2D drafting
        • - 3D modelling
        • - Rendering
        • - Prototyping
        • - Testing
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