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Electronics engineering services

Making products come to life

Electronics development.

We have designed and developed electronics for more than 12 years in various sectors, from consumer and industrial to automotive and medical.

Electronics design services.

From analog to digital and from mixed signal to embedded, our electronics design services are available as part of our product development services or as a consultancy.

Electronic engineering services.

From design through to prototyping, every step of the cycle is checked to ensure the design is performing as expected.

PCB design services.

From high-volume and cost-sensitive solutions to low-volume run and prototypes, we can address the client needs.
  • - Analog & digital
  • - Embedded
  • - High-speed
  • - Sensors
  • - Schematics
  • - Simulation
  • - PCB design
  • - Prototyping
  • - Testing
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