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Wireless Technologies we designed and implemented into our products


Wi-Fi is a wireless network which uses radio waves to communication in way similar to two-way radios. Wireless networks are easy to set up, inexpensive and best suited for home or office connectivity. Data transfer speeds range from 11mbps/sec to 54mbps/sec.
Wifi - Wireless Technology


Bluetooth takes small area networking to the next level by removing the need for user intervention and keeping transmission power really low to save battery power. Bluetooth allows devices such as PC’s and portable phones to communicate efficiently across short distances.
Bluetooth - Wireless Technology


The Global Positioning System (GPS) uses a constellation of 27 satellites to pinpoint a device’s location anywhere on earth within a few meters radius. It also allows to calculate distance between two points and estimate in real time journey duration according to speed.
GPS - Wireless Technology


Zigbee is one of the most prominent wireless network types used in smart-home technologies. Its configuration allows messages from the transmitter to seek the shortest path to the receiver by zigzagging through the units in between (like bees – hence its name).
ZigBee - Wireless Technology


The Global System for Mobiles (GSM) is the standard for mobile phones. Apart from encrypting phone calls to safeguard privacy, it also allows to transmit data such as text messages which can be used to control remotely electronic systems and appliances.
GSM - Wireless Technology


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) uses radio waves to communicate with electronic tags for the purpose of identifying and tracking an object. The tags are generally very low cost, allowing them to be disposable even in very cost-sensitive applications.
RFID - Wireless Technology
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